TH.O.R.T.S – THought Oriented Reality Transmission Simulation

If you are at all familiar with my science-fiction work, you may remember the TH.O.R.T.S program that is used on the spacestation Ouranos. Ouranos, for those who don’t know, in the real world is more familiarly named Ceres to the the mortals of Earth, and is the largest object in the asteroid belt, classified to be a dwarf planet. In my books I explain that in actuality, Ceres appears to be a dwarf planet is due to TH.O.R.T.S that is used to generate a holographic image that cloaks the spacestation and thus keeping it hidden in plain sight. TH.O.R.T.S is also used to create the simulations of environments used during decontamination procedures that every Initiate N9nereturning from an incarnate mission must undergo.

Environment simulations are generated by way of the memories or mental requests of the user. In other words, it creates realities according to the mindset of the individual or group as required. In reality, we do the same for ourselves daily. We create our realities in accordance with our thoughts and feelings. This is the basic principle of the Law of Attraction. Our experiences are the sum total of what we most think and feel. That includes happiness, love, poverty and even pain.

The problem is, many of our experiences are generated by belief systems that do not serve us. Belief systems instilled by way of pre-programmed expectations as dictated to us by society, the media, religion, family, peer groups etc.. Some time ago now I decided I wanted effectively re-write my ‘programming’. Why not? After all, the human body and mind is often compared to being biological computer, so why not change my life by changing the base code that currently determined that I should live a life of mediocrity? I started researching into different methods of how to do this. Of course it should be as simple as ‘change your mind, change your life’, and truly it is, but many of us, like myself have a lifetime of bad habits and negative thinking that has become a way of being that has impacted us greatly in terms of the reality we have created for ourselves. We have been hard coded to not believe we are deserving of wealth and abundance, into becoming cynical about the possibility of true and lasting love, and even programmed to the extent of not knowing what success truly looks like. Making the decision to do something about my thinking in order to change my life and what I was attracting into it was easy Following through on those inevitable bad days, wasn’t. I needed help, what I found worked for me was subliminal programming. I had been introduced to it during my teen years and had used them often back then to assist with my studies. When I realised I had to do something different in my life in order to get different results, I remembered how effective they had been for me before. This time however, I knew what I wanted, but couldn’t find it the way I wanted it. I decided to create my own and thus Vibrational TH.O.R.T.S, my own brand of subliminal programs was born.

For more information, either read on or download a free edutaining short story I wrote to in order to explain how subliminal programming could work for you.

Subliminal Programming

Whilst awake our conscious mind is what processes most of our daily activities, however it is our subconscious that processes pretty much everything thing we see hear and experience without censorship or filtering of any sort, Including things we don’t even acknowledge being able to see hear and experience. When we sleep, our subconscious takes over and we experience a rendition of some of the things we process through our dreams, be it fears or desires. Some we remember and some we do not, painful or confusing experiences may be processed by way of nightmares. Ultimately the conscious and subconscious combined using our emotions as a guideline can literally bring our thoughts into reality. If we experience debt and poverty, somewhere along the line, our conscious or subconscious has accepted that this is what we have come to believe or feel we want and thus it brings forth that reality for us to experience. It is all about vibration. Vibration is the language of the universe, a visible example of vibration is colour. Vibration is measured by way of frequency, and each colour is a frequency. Everything in this universe and beyond vibrates. EVERYTHING, including your thoughts. We sense vibration through feelings, more commonly termed as emotions. A more apt description is Energy in Motion. With our emotions; our internal mechanism for interpreting vibrations, we attract like for like. Higher frequency vibration when measured with our emotions are happy, positive, elated, joyful. Lover frequency vibration when measured with our emotions are interpreted as sad, negative, depressed, lack lustre. To put it simply, happiness and positivity attracts more reasons to be happy, such as abundance, wealth and health. Sadness and negativity attracts more reasons to be sad, such as lack, debt, dis-ease. The good news in all this is that we are blessed with the ability to choose our reality, instead of merely accepting the default programming. However to be told so is not enough. To make it easier to change what has become our default way of being, we need to undo all the current settings and create new defaults. Subliminal programming talks directly to our subconscious where there are no filters and thus less resistance to change, and assists us in re-writing our programming and enabling us to create the life we truly want.

Less resistance, does not mean no resistance, it simply means it is easier to change than by going the route of the conscious mind whose gate-keeper is the ego; the overzealous security guard who seeks to protect us from fear shame and pain, but often at the cost of the liberation of true, unadulterated powerfully creative self. There is nothing wrong with the ego, it is a protector of sorts whose power has gone to it’s head. We access and edit our thought matrix by way of the subconscious in order to circumvent the resistance of the ego. Using Vibrational TH.O.R.T.S, together we can become the co-creators of the life we truly want and becoming the self we truly are.

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