About Tosin

As a young child, Tosin Coker developed a passion for literacy and writing, driven byTosin Coker her curiosity of what lay in the leaves of the books that kept her mother so enchanted. A foundation of reading and story telling established, she passionately embarked upon quenching her awakened thirst for books, fiction and non-fiction alike, ever-anticipating weekly visits to her local library with her beloved co-conspirator. It was her mother that acknowledged her predestined future as a writer, at least two decades before Tosin actively bore testimony to it herself, when in 2007 she penned her first novel, unwittingly becoming the first female, African British science fiction author.

Tosin Coker HbSSTosin Coker is an inheritor of the genetic blood disorder, Sickle Cell Anaemia and is often afflicted with painful crises as a result. Her typical response when asked about her take on life: “My journey is a beaut the way, each time facing a fear with a determination, just to see the expanse of wonder and wisdom it hides. I’ve seen a lot, and I am yet to see more, feel more and be more.” or, “I am an author with sickle cell, not the other way around.