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Chronicles of Zauba'ah

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The Importance of BEing Ernest

How does your thinking contribute to the active pursuit of your goals? Close your eyes for a minute and meditate on this thought: No matter where you have come from, no matter where your life’s journey has taken you, some how you ended up here, in this space and time. Is it possible that what brought you here was the need to be reminded of something very important?: YOU!

Of all the millions of sperm that battled to that particular ovum, the unique collaboration resulted in the beautifully unique YOU! YOU are here because the world needs YOU and what YOU have to offer, no one else will do!! YOU are the best person for the important job of being YOU!

Know that the only time you fail is when you quit. That makes YOU, where ever you may be on your journey, a successful work in progress.

Make a lifestyle choice today: Remember to BE! Learn to accept everything good and bad about you. Utilise all your positives and negatives, embrace and build on and all that makes you; YOU!

Congratulations on making it thus far, thank you for successfully being YOU!